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Clear, concise, speaking, reading, and writing are Essential Life skills.
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Academic Coaching & English Tutoring

academic coaching instruction

  • School Curriculum
  • Vocabulary enrichment
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Critical Thinking
  • Essay Writing
  • Study & Organizational skills
  • Speaking and Mindset
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ESL Professionals & Entrepreneurs

adult communication skills

  • Presentation Skills
  • Networking
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Cultural Capital
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Writing and Editing

writing and editing

  • Bios, Blog Posts, Web Copy
  • Service/Work/Course Descriptions
  • Line/structural/stylistic editing
  • Essays, Cover Letters, Social Media
  • Writing That Matters To you!
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Lecturing & Speaking


  • Food Addiction and Recovery
  • The Power of Writing and Reading
  • 20th century Jewish popular culture & Fashion
  • Modern Art History
  • Food Tours and Ethnography
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Weak English literacy skills deprive us of strong problem solvers and leaders. Imagine what reading, writing, thinking and speaking confidently could do for you or your family? If you, or someone you love, is not succeeding in school or being held back at work, call 416 227-0865 for your complimentary 30 minute Transformative Consultation.

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Author Picture
Farah Chandrima, IT Consultant March 17, 2014
Writing Instruction  

“Rosalin is an engaging, enlightening and a personable teacher. Her teaching techniques are excellent and her passion for writing/teaching is apparent. I have seen a drastic improvement in my verbal and written skills and would highly recommend her as an instructor.” - Farah Chandrima

Author Picture
Cheryl Appelton May 30, 2015 Canadian Women in Food Website   
Food Tour of Adonis, Scarborough, Ontario  

"Hi Rosalin! We loved the tour and we all talked on the way home about what an excellent host you are. Even when you don't like something and share the story in a matter-of-fact way it still ends up being funny and upbeat. That is a real gift. Whenever you need a recommendation for your food tours, feel free to let me know as I'm happy to sing your praises. We'll have to do this again. It was awesome." -- Cheryl Appelton

Hannah Lee, Student July 30, 2014 Toronto
ESL Essay Writing and Critical Thinking  

"I first met Rosalin when I was translating for my mother who wanted English literacy help for my brother Jason. I was so impressed with Rosalin's program, dedication, patience and the benefits of studying with her, that I signed up too. I strongly felt that she could help me improve my English literacy skills, do better in school and beyond. In my six months with Rosalin, I realized how essential critical reading and thinking are for every aspect of my life -- academic, building confidence, interpersonal relationships, problem solving and more. In our weekly lessons, Rosalin created and shared printouts of poetry, speeches, news articles, short stories and music. She taught me that reading poetry and literature can help you become both analytically deep and empathetic. I started to appreciate books like never before and appreciated the arduous work behind them. Before Rosalin, I was unaware of how unskilled I am as a writer, that I need to brainstorm, be concise and clear. Not one English teacher pointed these things out to me. They would write "awkward" on my papers or nothing at all. I know I have a ways to go on my writing path but I have become more aware of my word choices. Perhaps the most important thing Rosalin has taught me are her moral lessons and that I wasn't dedicating enough time and effort to meeting goals. There was a period when I suddenly because fearful and uncertain. My motivation was gone and I felt alone and weak. Rosalin noticed this and helped me gain my strength and confidence. She told me that everyone has fear, but they don't show it. Rosalin seemed to be the only person who truly understood my struggles. Her words were a huge comfort to me. " -- Hannah Lee

Author Picture
Nicolas Tallarico June 23, 2015 Toronto Website   
Original Web Copy and Copy Editing for House of Empanadas  

"Rosalin has helped guide me through building a vision for my website and in content development for it. She is incredibly talented and has a way with words. Rosalin was instrumental in driving the project from start to end, and helping me complete all the work quickly. She is a consummate professional, while staying warm and personable. I look forward to working with her in the future, and highly recommend her!" -- Nicolas Tallarico

Author Picture
Coura Niang, Kidswork August 5, 2014 Toronto
Graduate Essay Editing  

"Roz is a genius and master coach when it comes to refining academic ideas, expanding vocabulary and building structures that work. I highly recommend her. In fact, I don't recommend anyone but her." -- Coura Niang

Reverend Ryan Kim March 17, 2014 Renfrew, Ontario
English Tutoring and Reading Comprehension  

“I have had the opportunity to get to know Rosalin as my daughters’ English writing teacher. She is a kind, creative and sincere educator. I believe that Rosalin has a wonderful rapport and passion with people of all ages, especially children. When I observed her class, I realized that she has the special ability to connect with her students. She also has a lot of teaching experience and knowledge. Furthermore, she maintains a positive relationship with parents. She always shares and reflects upon the student’s ability with parents. I always found her helpful and supportive of her students.” - Reverend Ryan Kim

Author Picture
Shyne Valliani March 17, 2014 Toronto
Job Interview Skills and Prep  

“I would like to extend my personal thanks and gratitude to you and your tutoring company. With your help, I have excelled and thus was able to get this new job. I was very stressed out and anxious about how I would do on the interview. You practiced with me and gave me some great advice and tips. I really felt cared for a supported through the interview process as you checked up on me to see how the process was going. I really needed that extra push and it gave me all the confidence in the world. I should also mention how knowledgeable you are about so many things and how you made it fun to teach me about them. I feel like a more prepared career woman now ready to take the world! It’s good to know you are around the corner if I need you again.” - - Shyne Valliani

Author Picture
Daniel Yoo August 3, 2017 Toronto Website   
SSAT Prep, Essay Writing and Private School Application  

"Rosalin is a caring teacher who instills confidence in students through her guidance. Preparing for the SSAT was intimidating, but with Rosalin I was able to increase my vocabulary, understand the fundamentals of essay writing, and learn how to express my thoughts concisely. She helped me to excel on the SSAT and get into UTS, a selective secondary school that enriched my learning. I highly recommend Rosalin for anyone looking to make writing into one of their strengths."

Author Picture
Sharon Chodiker March 9, 2016 Toronto, Ontario Website   

“Thanks again for 3 terrific sessions at the Betel Centre. They were very interesting, informative and certainly colourful :) I love your quotes and interesting stories—always makes it that much more real, to make one more familiar with the person being spoken of.”
Thanks again,

Author Picture
Steve Lei August 21, 2016 Richmond Hill, Ontario Website   
Speaking, Networking and Essay Writing Seminar  

"Thank you very much for your wonderful presentation today. I think the participants enjoyed it and hopefully we can get some interested people to sign up for your courses. I am sure we will have a fruitful cooperation down the road!"

Author Picture
Jay Silverstein July 31, 2017 Toronto
Building Critical Thinking Skills  

"Rosalin has been tremendous at helping me to develop my critical thinking skills. When I first started, I didn't really understand what skills are required to be a good critical thinker. While I'm not where I need to be yet, Rosalin has provided an excellent foundation, including content for reference sheets which I refer to at work. I highly recommend Rosalin to any student or adult needing to improve their critical thinking skills".
Jay Silverstein July 31, 2017

Author Picture
Libby Holmes June 19, 2016 Toronto
Editing and Grad School Anxiety Management  

"Rosalin has been a wonderful source of support and guidance for me while finishing my undergrad degree, and now as I complete my masters. My writing has improved drastically. She has taught me many skills that have enhanced my writing ability, and my confidence over all. The fear that I once had when it came to writing papers is no longer a factor, and I have Rosalin to thank for this. She is an amazing asset to anyone who wants to learn, improve or is struggling with how to manage the stress of the academic world. Thank you for your all of your support throughout my academic journey!!" -- Libby Holmes

Boeun Chloe Kim, OCAD Graduate March 3, 2014
Art School Application process, writing and Interview Prep  

"When I first met Rosalin at OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design), I was depressed, getting up at 12pm and feeling unsupported from my parents during the process of graduate school application. This situation got better... with her great help and support. She asked me why I NEEDED to create art, No one every asked me such direct and important questions. Rosalin also persuaded me to read and write with greater care and purpose. She edited ALL of my art school applications, email correspondence, encouraged me to get recommendation letters despite my low grades and much rejection and coached me for the interviews. I'm very grateful for her kind-hearted efforts throughout our lessons in the last six months. She even helped me look for and prepare for a part-time job in Toronto. I was able to transform into independent, capable person and get into a great program at (UAL) University of the Arts London England. " -- Boeun Kim

Author Picture
Aviva Abraham B.S. Accounting, CPA July 11, 2014
Mindset Coaching  

"I would like to thank you SO MUCH Rosalin for encouraging me to make my first business video. Actually encourage is too soft a word. You really push people to do more, to speak up, to try new things- but you push in a nice way, that it makes people want to try!!!!" -- Aviva Abraham, B.S. Accounting, CPA Group Benefits and Insurance Advisor, Creative Planning Financial Group

Author Picture
Coura Niang, Kidswork April 9, 2016 Toronto
Cover Letter Editing  

“Another success story: When you helped in the editing of my cover letter, it resulted in getting an interview. I was successful, made it through to the final round and am waiting to hear about a new job position. You are so good at what you do!”

Coura Niang

Author Picture
Matt Galloway April 7, 2013 Toronto
CBC Metro Morning Anniversary Prize Winner Interview  

"Excellent to have you as part of the show...I thought you did a great job in unfamiliar circumstances. It was great fun." -- Matt Galloway

Author Picture
Avrum Rosensweig, President and CEO March 17, 2014 Founding Director and President of Ve‘ahavta: Canadian Jewish Humanitarian Relief Organization
Radio Broadcasting  

“I thought that you did an excellent job of interviewing. I’ve done 10 years of radio and TV and my share of interviews – so, I was impressed.” - January 24, 2014

Author Picture
Coura Niang April 25, 2014 Toronto
Essay Editing  

"I got a 91 on the third paper! Woot! Woot! I haven't received my other mark back yet but my final mark is an 86, which is incredible for this instructor! I can't thank you enough. I have a new confidence and a new direction with writing. Thank you for your support." -- Coura Niang

Author Picture
Hessie Jones, CEO, ArCompany March 17, 2014 Toronto Website   
Speaking and Writing  

“Rosalin is… incredibly funny/witty and real. I think Rosalin has a lot to give by way of content, engagement and connecting with audiences. [S]he’d make an amazing writer for HuffPo. Her stories are authentic and I think she can draw a great audience with her content.” - Hessie Jones

Author Picture
Dr. David Chandross June 30, 2016
Lecturing & Teaching  

"Rosalin is a highly knowledgable teacher who has demonstrated enthusiasm, commitment and creativity in her teaching for us at Ryerson University. Her students love the courses she teaches and she has a seemingly endless well of information about the arts, social history and critical analysis. She has taught for seniors with disabilities and healthy adults with the same reception, the classes always want more. Most importantly to me, as the program director she reported to, was that she went beyond the basics and provided learners with an opportunity to really expand their involvement with the course. I have no hesitation in recommending Rosalin for teaching in the higher education field." -- Dr. David Chandross, Ryerson University's Life Institute

Author Picture
Aviva Abraham July 27, 2016 Toronto, Ontario
Blog Post Editing  

"The linkedin post on changes in insurance tax rules got about 65 views when originally posted in June, then last week someone must have shared it to their network because it now has gotten over 800 views!" -- Aviva Abraham, B.S. Accounting, CPA