Adult Communication Skills


adult ommunication skillsIn order to be linguistically persuasive, in both a business or social setting, we build and practice:

  • vocabulary, idioms, slang,
  • cultural capital
  • Social skills

Each Skype or in person session is very fun, filled with new words/expressions, readings and discussing a wide array of cultural texts — radio, You Tube, film, music, politics, sports — designed to enhance and sharpen your thinking, speaking and listening. One main goal is to get you engaging more with co- workers, build confidence and your social circle.

Small Business Owner

small business owner communication skillsSpeaking with confidence will help you grow your business via networking and presentations. Together we’ll identify and voice your core values, how you uniquely serve people and why it matters.

Job Transition or Work Speaking Skills

You’ve got a job interview and you’re a weak communicator or you’ve had an initial interview but haven’t been invited back for a second. Learn how to speak clearly and concisely in your own voice. We’ll tease out your best assets and word them with precision and sophistication.